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The dark chapter 

Everyone has a chapter in their book of life they don’t read out loud.  The dark, gloomy and not so good chapter. We all have a past we aren’t proud of: the wrong people we allowed to stay and the right ones we chased out of our lives; the ‘sorry‘, we didn’t say because our ego couldn’t let us; the times we placed our lives on standby for that one person only to discover that all they cared about was themselves.

Some have mastered the art of reading theirs out loudly. It doesn’t make them weak nor does it make you better than them. They can pretend to be perfect but why? When so many of us aren’t.

The past might really be a dark one whose memory haunt our present because everyday we meet people who enjoys digging into what they weren’t part of. The truth is, most of us have the tendency of always wanting to play detective on others. I am as guilty as you are. They say it’s necessary to be on the safe side especially when it has to do with a romantic relationship but wait, if I am to use the popular patois, ‘is it your past’? Why fill your mind with information that might turn out to be lethal? OK! Now that you have found out that he once dated two sisters. How long are you ready to put up with the fear that he might one day relapse to his old ways. The insecurity that surrounds such discovery isn’t negligible. No wonder it is said, ‘somethings are better left unsaid’.

Let the sleeping dog lie, take the ones he has been able to tell you for now, while you wait for him to gather the strength to reveal others that might be necessary. Same applies to you Brother Jerry,  Aunty Kiki, might have done a lot of ‘ije agwo’in the past. Don’t go about trying to find out if any of the former guys is living down the street. I don’t know how peaceful you will be if you discover that ‘that John’ is actually your next door neighbour.

My point: since you were non-existent in his/her life at the time those events took place,  why do you want to go down there? Why exhaust much energy trying to understand why she dated that lecturer when you don’t know the options that was available for her to choose from? If it makes him moody all day, you shouldn’t be going down there.

Let the past be a past and focus on what the present is. Stop digging ‘cos if you don’t, you will find exactly what you are looking for because we all have that chapter we aren’t proud of – Kelvin Newman Ijeomah


Kelvin Newman Ijeomah

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2 thoughts on “The dark chapter 

  1. I believe everybody has skeletons in their cupboard and if one is bold enough to show them to you, I think we should appreciate such gestures not to use it as a yardstick for judging them QED


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